About these videos

Each website supports the content for the College of DuPage PHYSI-1100 course. The videos have been professionally filmed and edited in a media lab. The supporting content has been built to provide you with practice and supplemental resources on each physics topic.


Learn about the properties of motion and Newton's laws. These physics concepts will enable you to understand the basics of the motion of a bicycle or car, to the motion of space ships and planets.


Learn about atomic theories and different states of matter. What differentiates a solid from a liquid from a gas, and what exactly is a plasma? These lectures unlock everything from why things float to how airplanes fly.


Learn about states of matter, heat, and temperature. These physics concepts will enable you to understand phase changes, weather, and why "we can't get something for nothing."

Sound & Waves

Learn about the fundamentals of waves, including how sound and music work. Sound, water, light, gravity, even traffic all travel in waves.

Electricity & Magnetism

Learn about electricity and magnetism. Electromagnetism is an important concept that has impacts in our daily lives. How does electricity work? Why do magnets stick to the fridge?

Quantum Physics

Learn about how matter works on extremely small scales. Quantum physics explains how electrons, photons, and other subatomic particles interact with each other.

Nuclear Physics

Learn about atomic theories, radioactivity, x-rays, fission, and fusion. These topics allow us to understand how atoms work, to understanding medical imaging technology and nuclear power.

Meet Dr. Pasquale

Alyssa J. Pasquale, Ph.D.

Alyssa J. Pasquale, Ph.D.


Dr. Pasquale teaches engineering and physics at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She holds a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Dr. Pasquale is also an FAA licensed pilot and a flight instructor in single-engine land airplanes.