Each of the following lectures will bring you to a webpage with the video, practice problems, additional resources, and the video transcript.

Lecture One: About Science

Learn all about what science is and can do, the scientific method, scientific terminology, how math relates to physics, and related physics concepts.

Lecture Two: Newton’s First Law

Learn all about inertia, mass, force, Newton’s first law, and related physics concepts. This lecture also contains a tutorial on vectors.

Lecture Three: Linear Motion

Learn all about path, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, free-fall, and related physics concepts.

Lecture Four: Newton’s Second Law

Learn all about different types of forces; the relationship between force, mass and acceleration; and the difference between mass and weight.

Lecture Five: Newton’s Third Law

Learn all about Newton’s third law, and how action-reaction pairs allow us to do everything from walk to launch rockets.

Lecture Six: Momentum

Learn all about momentum, impulse, collisions, and related physics concepts

Lecture Seven: Work & Energy

Learn all about work, energy, power, simple machines, and related physics concepts.

Lecture Eight: Rotational Motion

Learn all about rotational motion and related physics concepts.

Lecture Nine: Gravity

Learn all about Newton’s law of universal gravitation, acceleration, gravitational fields, where weight comes from, and related physics concepts.

Lecture Ten: Projectile & Satellite Motion

Learn all about the motion of projectiles such as rockets, missiles, planets, stars, and other celestial bodies.

Lecture Eleven: The Atomic Nature of Matter

Learn all about what matter is made of: atoms! This video talks about atomism, atomic theories, the periodic table, and more!

Lecture Twelve: Solids

Learn all about the properties of solids: density, elasticity, scaling, forces, and more.

Lecture Thirteen: Liquids

Learn all about the properties of liquids: pressure, buoyancy, flotation, surface tension, and more.

Lecture Fourteen: Gases

Learn all about the properties of gases and our atmosphere, including how we can achieve flight.

Lecture Fifteen: Temperature & Heat

Learn all about temperature, heat, and related physics concepts.

Lecture Sixteen: Heat Transfer

Learn all about conduction, convection, electromagnetic radiation, and related physics concepts.

Lecture Seventeen: Phase Change

Learn all about how different substances change their phase: solid to liquid, liquid to gas, gas to plasma, and more!

Lecture Eighteen: Thermodynamics

Learn about the first and second laws of thermodynamics, heat engines, and more!

Lecture Nineteen: Vibrations & Waves

Learn all about waves and wave properties, which will unlock the concepts of sound, light, and more!

Lecture Twenty: Sound

Learn all about sound waves: the speed of sound, echos, beats, resonance, and more!

Lecture Twenty-One: Musical Sounds

What differentiates music from noise? Why do a piano and clarinet sound different when playing the same note? Learn the answers to these questions, and more!

Lecture Twenty-Two: Electrostatics

Learn all about the properties of charged particles: electrostatics!

Lecture Twenty-Three: Electric Circuits

Learn all about the fundamentals of electric circuits: voltage, current, resistance, and more!

Lecture Twenty-Four: Magnetism

Learn all about magnets, magnetic fields, electromagnets, and more!

Lecture Twenty-Five: Electromagnetic Induction

Learn all about how voltage is created from magnetism, and how this plays a role in how power plants transmit power to our homes!

Lecture Twenty-Six: Light

The electromagnetic spectrum impacts our lives in so many ways! Learn about visible light, IR, UV, microwaves, radio waves, and more!

Lecture Twenty-Seven: Color

Learn all about how objects appear to look different colors!

Lecture Twenty-Eight: Reflection & Refraction

Learn all about reflection and refraction, and how mirrors and lenses work!

Lecture Twenty-Nine: Light Waves

Learn all about properties of light such as interference, diffraction, polarization, and more!

Lecture Thirty: Light Emission

Learn all about incandescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence, and light sources such as LEDs, lasers, and more!

Lecture Thirty-One: Light Quanta

Learn all about the quantum nature of light. Light: it’s a wave, it’s a particle, it’s more than meets the eye!

Lecture Thirty-Two: Quantum Physics

Learn all about what happens to physics when things become so small that we can’t see them.

Lecture Thirty-Three: Nuclear Physics & Radioactivity

Learn all about what happens when atomic nuclei become unstable.

Lecture Thirty-Four: Fission & Fusion

Learn all about the energy locked inside the atomic nucleus.